Sign Request and Sign Policy

Campaign signs are an eyesore! BUT a necessary evil of campaign season. The City’s policy for campaign signs are that they can be placed on private property with the permission of the property owner for 120 days and be removed within 7 days of the expiration of the 120 days.

To minimize the “eye” pollution of campaign signs I delayed as long as possible before putting my signs up (most went up with less than 75 days before election day). I promise to remove my signs within 24 to 48 hours after the election but no later than the Sunday after election day.

My Campaign has a very stringent sign policy that my father, former Councilmember Jerry Fadgen, utilized with his campaigns:


All sign placements must have the property owner’s permission.


Yard signs must be place on yard side of the sidewalk and never in the swale.


My campaign UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES condones nor encourages our campaign workers and supporters doing pranks, vandalism or theft of opponents’ political signs. They are expensive and heartbreaking when you lose a sign. I want to win the right way! If you witness any malfeasance, please take a picture or video and notify the police.

If you would like a yard sign for your home please contact my campaign or come by my office and we will provide you with a sign for you.
After the Election Day we recycle our signs, so I will be happy to come by your home to pick up or you can drop off at my office.